Hello Everyone!

This is a friendly REMINDER to all EHS Coaches and team parents to have your

team’s draw-down RAFFLE BASKET

completed and turned in to Rhonda Puckett by Monday, October 20th. 

I will be available to meet from the date of this letter throughout Monday at the school or you can leave your team’s basket or any other “Individual Auction Donation Item”             in the school office for pickup by me after school. 

Please feel free to either call or text me when you and/or the basket are available and as a courtesy if you plan to leave it in the school office.  I may also be available to meet you elsewhere if needed.

My contact info is: Rhonda Puckett:  828-777-0620 or 1sweettoothgirl@gmail.com.

Your full cooperation with this deadline is both expected and appreciated!

It will make my week go a lot smoother if I am not having to do things last minute due to the amount of baskets and additional auction items that I have to log and tag in time for  D-Day, Saturday, October 25th!

Please remember to text me the specifics of your basket by Monday as well with the Theme”of your team’s basket as well as a “Value Of” Dollar Amount in order for me to create a Bid Sheet for your basket.  The sooner I have this information the better, as I have to create an individual bid sheet for each team’s basket. 

You can also provide a “List” of a few of the more prominent items in the basket to help reflect your baskets “VALUE”.  This is a nice touch because sometimes it is hard to see all of the items in the basket.

Just a note:  I have given each team a longer “Turn-In” time due to there being a delay in your Coaches meeting this month. So, you’ve had extra time to get your basket completed, no complaining! LOL!

See ya at the Draw-Down!

Rhonda Puckett